52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

06/52 Neon

neon self portrait (1)I am really enjoying my 52 Weeks Project, at the very least it will make an amazing catalog of my hair. Every girl needs that right? A reminder of all the horrible things she’s done to her hair. This btw is the most neon my hair has looked. I mentioned before my co-worker said I looked like a highlighter pen and I just love that comparison. This week was a really casual week and I felt I needed a casual self-portrait to go along with it. I think this photo trips me out a little because my eyes are so grey (love my colored contacts). This might be the last you see of this hair combo as well, already have a new color lined up for the yellow half.


“Something’s got a hole in my head
And I didn’t know
Yeah, and when you come on
(And you)
Come on

And it brings a new type of grace
And it keep coming back for more
And it leaves me with a shimmering face
And it keep coming back for more

Neon, when you come and go”

The Knife “Neon”


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