Pick of the Week: Boojiboo

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Pick of the Week: Boojiboo

This week’s pick is retro and vintage aprongs by Etsy’s store Boojiboo. I found them a few months ago when I was looking to pick up a cute apron for baking. Yes, yes I know aprons are super easy to sew yourself but I don’t own a sewing machine and secondly I have no idea where to find cute fabric. That’s actually why Boojiboo stood out to me when I was looking on Etsy, the fabric. They have some really unique fabrics that have a vintage feel to them that I love. They also have a huge selection and great prices. Another thing I noticed is that every few months or so they have different fabric so there are always fresh choices. One of my favourites got scooped up and hasn’t come back yet so make sure if you see something you like to scoop it up. My hearts apron was my second choice but I love it and it’s really well made. Wanted to share with you guys!

apron (2)apron (1)

a few of my favourite items from the shop:


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