A Walk Through Vieux-Montreal

vieux-montreal (57)Living right beside Vieux-Montreal is probably one of the nicest things about my new apartment. Victor and me walked there a few times last summer but I feel like this summer we are going to be spending a lot more time there. Most people don’t really hang out in Vieux-Montreal because it’s where all the tourist are and everything around there seems to be centered on that. For me though I love it because of the water, it’s probably the only time I remember that I live on an island when I’m looking into the river. My favourite thing about it though is the factory. There is a non-functional (I think) factory at the very edge of it opposite from where we live so it’s quiet a walk through all of Vieux-Montreal but it is beautiful. Before I moved to Montreal I visited here for two weeks and I remember being fascinated about it and wanting to go inside of it and explore. They usually have a fence up around the whole place and fences on the bridges that connect it to the main part of the harbour but I guess that’s change recently because we were able to walk across all the bridges and get right below it. First time I’ve been that close, it was really cool. Thought I’d share some of the photos from out walk, was able to grab some photos of Victor for an upcoming art show I want to do next year – very excited for that as well (cannot share those because I am trying to keep them under wraps). Any places you love to walk near you?

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