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This week in photos is really turning into a mish-mash of photos I have on my computer at the end of the week…I mean that’s the point but still. It reminds me of my 365 Challenge, and that makes me miss my 365 Challenge and not all at the same time. It’s nice being able to have a day to put up casual photos. My work released my schedule at the beginning of the week so I know my schedule now till mid-July – and it’s so terrible I can’t even image how I’m going to manage to go on any adventures this summer. Apparently my work wants me to spend all summer working till midnight and working more weekends. I’ve mentioned it before but midnight shifts are the worst because they just mess with my schedule and makes my job feel like it’s taking up my whole life. I’m hoping to organize myself a lot the next few weeks and get a whole bunch of recipe posts done for the summer so I have more time to focus on adventures and taking photos and less on getting posts done. Organization! Let me know in the comments if you have any summer plans.

this week in photos (3)This week started out right with amazing homemade breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday. I was telling Victor that I really wanted to go out for brunch last weekend and then decided instead of spending month at a restaurant we may as well buy all the ingredients to make it ourselves…this was a luxury. We barely ate anything else all weekend.

this week in photos (2)Mother’s Day on Sunday. I don’t have a very good relationship with my mother so it’s a day I am usually just waiting for it to be over. I bought this cute flower for Victor to give to him mom though because it looked so pretty at the store.

this week in photosthis week in photos (4)Coming home from Victor’s moms the sky looked so pretty, just had to grab a photo.

this week in photos (1) Presents! All for my best friend Ana. We send each other care packages every few months or so once we’ve collected enough stuff for each other. I can’t believe some days it’s been 5 years since I’ve lived in the same city as her.

white chocolate pineapple popsicles (8)Made my first popsicles of the seaon since it’s getting really hot and guess what….they were awful. White chocolate yogurt and pineapple do not mix. lol

stela starchildArtist Stela Starchild sent me a snail mail package that arrived on Tuesday, have to take photos of it. So cute.

this week in photos (3)Starting taking photos of my toy camera collection on Thursday, upcoming post for later in the month.

this week in photos (4)The vines in our balconey are starting to ‘leaf’. Wonder if they will try to take over like last year.

I honestly was going to take a few more photos for this week’s post today as it seemed a little empty but it’s literally being raining all day so instead I’m going to wish you a great weekend (if you are in Canada it’s a long weekend!).

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