52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

07/52 Flowers of Romance

citizen erased photography double exposure This week’s self-portrait was suppose to be a double exposure using one of my Polaroid cameras but out of all the test shots and my camera eatting one exposure it just didn’t happen that way. On our way from a piknic yesterday I spotted a flower tree (which is uber rare in Montreal) and just had to take some shots. Managed to grab a few before Victor made me hurry along since it was getting cold and he wanted to get to the resturant. I’ve lightened up the whole photo a bit so you can’t see the background as much, but like usual no photoshop pride!


“ Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress
Depending on the company
On the veranda
Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We’re in a mess
Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead
The flowers of romance”

Public Image LTD “Flowers of Romance”


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