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This week has gone by so quickly, that always happens when there is a holiday on Monday I find. I don’t even know if that’s exciting for me considering I work all weekend. It’s rare I work weekends so I will not grumble too much. I do have big plans for tonight. Me, Victor and my friend Jenny are heading to the Oldwig Vintage Sale which is happening all weekend. Last time I picked up so many great items so I’m really excited to see what they have this year. Don’t know if I’ll pick anything up but I want to get some dishes maybe. There is also the opening of Montreal’s Urban Acrobatic Park on Saturday as well which should be fun to go to. I’m thinking of heading there after work on Saturday and see if they are doing anything exciting. No sure if that will happen since I work up until the hour of the event. I will definitely be going there at some point this summer to actually climb around. I’m scared shitless of heights but sometimes you just have to try plus it’s the first park of its type on North America so that’s cool. Anyways onto the photos…

this week in photosOn Friday I may have stayed up till 5am. While I was checking to see if the sunrise was coming I noticed my phone created a double reflection in the window which I though was pretty neat.  Went to bed before the sun rose.

this week in photos (2)I love my street, by the weekend they had finished hanging all the pink balls which mean St. Catherine street is officially closed for the next 3 months and I get to walk in the middle of the road and eat on restaurant terraces. Here is one of the workers starting to hang some on the corner by my house.

this week in photos (6)this week in photos (4) We went for a walk (or got lost depending on who you ask) on Saturday.

this week in photos (7) this week in photos (8)We also went to have our first piknic of the season in Parc LaFontaine on Saturday. It was a bit cold but still so relaxing.

this week in photos (10)On Sunday we went to buy plants at Marche Atwater.

this week in photos (11)I took a lot of photos of the flowers while there, this double exposure is really fun.

this week in photos (12)We ate really yummy food while at Marche Atwater and I tried ginger beer for the first time. Gotta say I don’t understand the hype, it’s okay but not amazing.

this week in photos (13)I loved my outfit for that day – sometimes I wish I found What I Wore posts fun to make because I love the outfits I put together.

this week in photos (14) this week in photos (15)Re-potted plants that have grown to big for their old ones and potted all the new plants when I got home on Sunday. Try and find Butter in both these shots.

this week in photos (9)On Monday I didn’t take any photos except this one of the sunset – 5am and me are really good friends even though I keep trying to break up with them.

this week in photos (16)this week in photos (1)Tuesday before heading to work, I worked on a few posts and snapped Butter enjoying the sun coming in from the living room window. I’m glad she decided to come out of her hiding spot underneath the couch – there was a dog in the backyard barking all morning that scared her.

wishcandy (2)Wishcandy postcards came in the mail on Thursday which was really exciting because it was a pretty dreary day outside.

this week in photosHaving a chill Friday reading my Girl Glue zine that arrived yesterday. It’s rainy outside so I’m not doing much and just enjoying myself before working all weekend. Hope you guys have a good one.

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