52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

08/52 Nap Time

52 weeks project self portrait (4)After this week the best thing in the world was to lie in this hammock and sway back and for a few minutes enjoying the brief sunny weather while watching the rain clouds going over head of me. I still occasionally get the little kid urge to spend an afternoon watching the clouds go past and we were in the perfect location for that (you’ll see more photos from this day in an upcoming post and how amazing the clouds were). I’m really enjoying my 52 Week project as I end my 2nd month of it, the mix of casual shots with my art photography makes me smile.  I’ve been listening to Joe Stummer’s record Global A Go-Go btw for the two days and I forgot how great of a summer album it was – check it out if you’ve never heard (there is a link below to one of the songs).


”I took a tram into the fourth dimension
‘Cos I had the blues, the blues of throwing it all away
Just gimme a Tequila, I’ll slam it the 4 D way
And when I got there you know it had certain similarities”

Joe Strummer “Mega Bottle Ride”

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