Pick of the Week: May Treasures

So many amazing things I’ve found online lately. Feel so wonderful that there is artists and trades people out there being able to make a living using Etsy and Storenvy. It’s really a wonderful thing and there is just so many treasures around the corner. Feel like if I was ever able to afford even half of these items on here I’d feel like the luckiest girl on the world. lol. Check out May treasures!may treasures

  • Theres No Place Like Home print by dannybrito
    Dannybrito’s art is so simple and cute, love this print
  • Mininature Mushroom Pincushion by FoxtailCreekStudio
    Such a cute gift for a friend who likes sewing (I don’t sew a thing)
  • Feather Watercolor print by RiverLuna
    I love the color combination of these feathers and the tribal feel
  • Baby Hibbo Totem by HandyMaiden
    I want a whole collection of totems, her’s at my favourite and she constantly has new ones. My friend is obsessed with hippos for some reason and this made me think of him.
  • Tiger Moth Hand Carved Stamp by extase
    Love hand carved stamps, there is some really talents people making stamps on Etsy, it’s worth a search if you like stamps.
  • Terrarium Air Plant Doll by EarthSeaWarrior
    So this may be my house by the end of the summer, air plants in doll bodies – best idea ever.
  • Mina & Milala paper dolls by SandraArteagA
    I’d have so many artist paper dolls if I could, she has a whole bunch and other pieces of art. 
  • Glow Xray Cat Patch by CyanFoxDesigns
    Been looking at patches a lot lately and this one is beyond cute.
  • Orb Terrarium by MyZen
    I went on a bing serach for terrariums as you can tell this month.
  • Felt Cactus Brooch by PoCatFactory
    This is an amazing brooch.
  • 10 Classic Postcards by Wishcandy
    Already bought these a few weeks ago when she had a sale, her artwork is wonderful
  • Sad Ghost Club brooch by LizeMeddings
    I want to be apart of this sad ghost club, don’t you?
  • Sacred Geometry Earth Star by ThomasHouhaDesigns
    So complex and beautiful, I could stare at this on my desk forever
  • Crystal Cluster and Mushroom brooch by GreenCheekDesign
    These remind me of 80’s cartoons
  • Creature Journal Volume 1 by Creature Journal
    A great pdf of his artwork – just amazing. Bought and am so happy & it’s pay as much as you want!
  • Geometric Brooch by AnAstridEndeavor
    Been really feeling brooches lately since it’s Spring, can you tell?
  • Hamsa in Nature Tee by Nu-Common Sense
    Really want to buy this t-shirt for Victor, it’s very unique
  • Buddha Head Planter by brooklynglobal
    I wish my house could be filled with amazing planters and plants, already bought a fresh patch of plants this year. It’s exciting building an inside garden.

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