Things That Make Me Smile…

Things That Make Me Smile this month is super summery and I love that. I’ve been so excited the last few weeks to be spending time outside and working on project. Not to mention exploring Montreal a little at a time. Last weekened I didn’t get much chance because I was working but the summer has really just started. Check out all the things that made me smile this month!

things that make me smile (3)The first piknic of the season, and long reaching shadows of trees.

things that make me smileLilies, I love these flowers. Top 10 Flowers, haha I don’t know what else would be on that list.

wishcandy (1)This sticker, it came with my Wishcandy postcards last week and is amazing.

things that make me smileFrozen yogurt in the summer.

vieux-montreal (12)Playing with my Robot 3 camera

vieux-montreal (56)Awesome graffitti at Vieux-Montreal

things that make me smile (4)Taking photos of Starchild Stela’s newest zine.

vieux-montreal (1) vieux-montreal (55)Love this origami graffit artist’s work. Such a neat idea, glad we say her working on this piece.

this week in photos (5)This house and the dream that one day I might live there.

things that make me smile (2)Silly double exposures while sitting on my first outdoor patio of the summer!

things that make me smile (5)New plants!!!! We went to buy new plants recently since we didn’t kill off last years. It was a lot of fun and I’ll have a full post dedicated to the plants we bought and an update on last year’s ones as well if you like inside gardens.

Hope you have an amazing weekend! I have so many plans this weekend which I am so excited for. Mutek is happening in Montreal so I’ll be raving for the next three days. It’s amazing seeing djs from around the world come to Montreal and do their thing.

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