Marche Atwater – a Search for New Plants

marche atwater (1)Marche Atwater is the perfect place to buy plants in Montreal, at least I think so. We went here last year as well and all of those plants managed to live so we came back again to expand our inside garden. I don’t think I’ll ever have one of those super impression inside gardens I see sometimes walking around the Plateau – the windowsill’s that are wall to wall plants but this year we got much bolder in our choices. It was also a really fun day just wandering around and looking at all the plants.

marche atwater (34) marche atwater (30)marche atwater (14)marche atwater (19)marche atwater (18)I’m obsessed with this plant, no idea what it is but if you do, let me know in the comments.. I see them around randomly and love the fuzzy pink flowers. I was tempted to buy for our balcony.

marche atwater (16)marche atwater (17)marche atwater (21)marche atwater (20)marche atwater (28)marche atwater (29)marche atwater (33)marche atwater (40)marche atwater (41)marche atwater (42)I love looking at all the flowers. We don’t have a big enough outdoor space to grow any but it’s nice to look at all the varieties. Not enough people in my area have any flowers. Too much cement I guess. 

marche atwater (23)marche atwater (32)marche atwater (37)My trick when I buy a plant is to take a photo of the name so when I get home I can research the plant to see it’s general likes and dislikes. I make sure to ask the seller about it being cat-friendly and suitable to be indoors when I’m there because my knowledge about plants is very limited but it’s nice googling it later.

marche atwater (10)marche atwater (35)I think we look quiet cute for buying plants. I mentioned on my Facebook about looking like a raver to buy plants and my friend rightly said that I look like that to do anything, lol. Good point…

marche atwater (8)marche atwater (38)marche atwater (11)There was a few stores that just sold herbs but no herbs for me after last year’s disaster with them.

marche atwater (7)marche atwater (6)marche atwater (5)There is also local farms selling all types of fruits and vegetables. Marche Jean-Talon is the big market for buying local produce but March Atwater still has a good selection.

marche atwater (4) I only took one shot from inside because it’s not that interesting but this is where all the local butchers are selling all types of meat products and a few organic stores.

marche atwater (3)Food stalls are the best part of the summer. We were very excited to try this place as it had a line the whole time we were there. We actually almost missed out because they closed right as I got in line but we lucked out and were allowed to order.

marche atwater (44)marche atwater (46)I got an amazing asian inspired satay sandwitch and Victor got laksa soup and we shared a ginger beer. That was the end of our adventure because as soon as we finished up our food we headed home with our plants in the metro. Home garden update post should be upcoming, sorry no photos of what we bought but my hands were full since Victor bought a big palm tree.

 marche atwater (45)marche atwater (47)

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