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I’m still recovering from Mutek on the weekend if you can believe it. It’s been a very mellow week but I’m excited to finally have a few days off to catch up on my sleep and maybe do a bit of exploring around Montreal. I had my bike repaired at the start of the week so I’m excited to get outside go for a long ride. It’s good that this week’s post is a mix from the last two weeks because it’s been raining here a lot and I’ve been staying indoors. I’ve actually finished painting the main room of my house a nice pale pinky peach color. Still don’t know if I’m in love with it as much as my living room and bedroom colors. The big issue is that it looks very different when the lights are on, changing from pale peach to a vibrant pink tone. It’s also the one room in my house where we always have the lights on so I’m waiting to decorate the walls with various prints and photography and see if it feels a bit chiller. Mutek was amazing btw and I’m already excited for next year already. If you want to hear more about my thoughts on the event I shared a lot on Sunday’s post – here. I didn’t take my Nikon camera with me to dance so there are not a lot of photos but I just had to share two from my phone. Anyways I’m probably rambling. Here is what I’ve been up to!

this week in photos (2)I feel like all summer ‘This Week in Photos’ should start with a sunrise. I coined this the Summer of Sunrises because of how many times I’ve spent my morning watching the sun rise in the last few weeks.

this week in photos (4) Does it make me a hipster if I like turbans and flower crowns? Excited to wear these all summer long. Will have a review of them in 2 weeks,  they are by Beauxoxo.

this week in photosButter has been stuck inside for most of the week since there is construction outside our house and there have been a few storms (she gets really scared and hides under the bed). It’s a good thing she can at least chill on the kitchen window.

this week in photos (1)With the rain comes the pretty clouds.

this week in photos (2)this week in photos (3)This is vintage fair Old Wig that I was talking about 2 weeks ago. It happens a few times a year over a weekend.  Me, Victor and my friend Jenny decided to check it out together.

this week in photosThis it all I bought, which I was surprised by but there was no vintage cameras or other items that I just had to have. I may have asked Victor to buy me a vintage globe, or two, or three….not luck, lol. They have different stores each time so I guess that’s why it was as good as when we went in November. I was really happy to find a set of salt and pepper shakers though since I’ve been wanting a pair of cute ones for awhile. Everything was only $10. Jenny also got the cutest milkshake maker. All three of us let pretty quickly after arriving but we went out for diner and drinks so it wasn’t a complete wash.

this week in photos (2)More sunrises, I love the clouds with the sunrise.

this week in photos (6)Me and Victor last Friday before heading out to our first show of Mutek to see Max Cooper.

villalobos (2)villalobos (1)
This is from Saturday night when I took a photo on my phone of the theatre just before Villalobos started and another one on Sunday morning when we left the theatre. It’s always mind blowing after a night of dancing to be greeted by the sun.

this week in photos (10)this week in photos (11)this week in photos (9)On Sunday we went to our first Piknic Electronik of the year. It wasn’t as good as last year’s Piknic for Mutek or the year’s before but it was still fun. The vibe has really changed, I think at least…but maybe that’s just because my friends who use to come with us aren’t in Montreal anymore.

this week in photos (12)this week in photos (7)
Villalobos was awesome, more chill than the night before. He played old school Beck and ATB which was really hilarious to me. I felt so dead after his set though we didn’t stay for long.

this week in photos (5)End of Mutek, time to hang up our weekend passes and the put the schedule away. Me and Victor enjoy hanging up our event passes as reminders, I’m sure these will end up in his office.

this week in photos (4) this week in photos (5)I have no idea why this apartment building has all these Tin-Tin cardboard cutouts on the side of it but it was a good laugh find it randomly while on a walk.

this week in photos (1) this week in photos (5)My Golden Half Hello Kitty camera came in the mail! Already put the film in and shot a few photos on the weekend.

this week in photos (3) Rain, rain, go away.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos (6)

Thought Butter would be the perfect end to today’s post. She really loves hidding behind the plants and watching our back garden. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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