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This week has been another great week of summer, it feels like so many different things are coming together recently in my life. The energy I’ve had the last few days has also been really intoxicating, I guess I should have started to work out again sooner. It’s actually over a year since I last worked out and it feels really good to be getting back into it. I’m starting out just casually playing tennis and going for bike rides with Victor to ease myself back into it. We also have plans to start going to our local pool when it gets hotter on free days (have no idea why it’s so easy to find free days at Montreal pools but impossible to find a free tennis court – qu’est ce que le fuck?) I want to be healthier and for me that doesn’t come very naturally at all, going to have to work hard at it. I also just setup my summer hammock in the main room in the house, it’s so good naps. The motion sickness is definitely real though, hoping my brain just get used to it because I want to spend a lot of my summer chilling in it. June is looking up to be a pretty interesting month in my life which is great because my work schedule is awful so I need focus on the positives. Like this weekend I want to buy a cute sport outfit and buy a few more plants ignore the fact I’ll be spending most of it at work, lol. Here are some of the shots I’ve taken this week…

this week in photosPink clouds, my first sunrise of this week.

this week in photos (11)While on a walk in Parc LaFontaine we saw this mini sail boat motoring around. We kept trying to find who was controlling it but couldn’t find anyone on the shoreline with a controller.

this week in photos (13)
Silly Sundays, Butter stratching the chair and licking her nose.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos (3)this week in photos (5)this week in photos (1)
This weekend Victor bought a tennis racket so we went to play tennis for the first time. We both are at similar levels so it’s really fun to play against each other. We biked to a free court in a different borough than ours and on the way there found an old site for a factory where they had decided to keep the walls of but convert the rest into stores and parking lots. The huge wall was held up on both sides with this metal framework and it was really cool to me.

this week in photos (9)this week in photos (8)this week in photos (10)Pretty clouds. I also told Victor to do crazy arms for the silhouette shot, weirdo.

this week in photos (14)2nd sunrise of the week on Monday. I really need to fix my sleep schedule. I had work twice this week at 8am – it was rough.

this week in photos (15)On Tuesday I took photos upcoming post about the Metro-Flex vintage camera. So pretty.

this week in photos (17) this week in photos (16)Blowing bubbles for Butter on Tuesday as well. She hates them so much, I should record her one day trying to attack them. Sometimes she makes the craziest sounds at them.

I thought I’d have more for you but it’s been raining everyday since Tuesday this week and I’ve been busy at work. Have a great weekend!

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