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Junko Mizuno Manga Review

Today I am reviewing Junko Mizuno’s manga Cinderella and Princess Mermaid. I’ve been familiar with Mizuno’s art and toy designs for a while now so I was excited to check out some of her manga. The first one I read was her adaptation of Cinderella and it was a great introduction into her as a manga artist. The artwork enthralled me from the get go, with its bright vibrant colors to the character design. Everything felt uniquely Mizuno from the start to the end, which is a weird way to describe to someone not familiar to her work but in short – she creates strong women charactores, there is nudity and surreal elements and you will probably want to get a tattoo of it (or at least I do). The story was also really good and I found myself having fun with her play on the classic story and enjoying myself. Even better is there is stickers in the back and a short interview from her about how she got into being a manga artists. It was fun and felt along the lines of Johnny the Homicidal Manic, witty, morbid humour. I would highly recommend it as a manga because it’s feast for your eyes and a really good read on top of that. She does have other adaptations as well like Hansel and Gretel but I wanted to check out one of her original stories next. I went into reading Princess Mermaid with a lot of anticipation off the back of Cinderella and wasn’t met with the same type of excitement. Princess Mermaid is definitely the weaker of the two. It doesn’t help that the color scheme of the manga just felt really muted and flat after the vibrant Cinderella. The artwork itself was still well executed and detailed but it looks like Cinderella color scheme was put through the wash by accident. I wouldn’t have minded that as much if the story has been on par with the other manga. My biggest qualm with it is the story. The character’s themselves do not have a very well fleshed out back story and I found myself not caring what happened to any of the characters later on because there was no sense of loss or connection to them. Without getting into any spoilers it just felt hard to follow the sequence of events presented and the flashbacks weren’t well incorporated into the manga to the point where it was confusing if it was a flashback at all. Overall I still enjoyed the manga however it wouldn’t be something I’d likely read again. Like the first one it does come with extras, in this case a mini illustratored only story and some postcards. I’d encourage you if you like her work or want a manga style verions of twisted fairytales to check out Cinderalla however I’d pass on Princess Mermaid. Hoping to check out more of her manga in the future!

check out the artwork for Princess Mermaid & Cinderalla:


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