I was hoping to share with you photos from this year’s Mural Festival that was happening last weekend in Montreal however the first day it rained all day and the second I had work so I had to miss out. Last year it was so much fun watching the artist’s work on making their pieces. I’m excited to check them out at a later time since the murals are permanent but it’s more exciting going to see them being made, and it’s nice since the street is closed and they have food stalls and everything. Instead I thought I’d share with my collection of cloud photos from the last month of constant rain. I’ve been going to the Olympic Parc lots and they have the most beautiful unadulterated view of the sky – it’s really nice to be there on a cloudy day and see all the cool of combination of clouds.

clouds (16)clouds (32)clouds (30)clouds (35) clouds (14)clouds (10)clouds (1)clouds (19)clouds (6)clouds (41)clouds (39)
In my last 5 years living here I have never seen such a perfect sky, I managed to grab a few of Victor to kind of compare how it looks in person. Feels the sky is swallowing up the shot. At least there is positives to all this rain.


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