52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

12/52 Painting

52 weeks of self-portraitsI love when an idea just comes to me and I’m like, okay I have to see if it works. The rough idea for this self-portrait is a double-exposure of myself in a painting. Really this is just a test shot to see how it would look and whether it would be a worthwhile project. Pretty pleased with it and think it can be improve so much since obviously it’s just 4 lines of colors on a white paper. I wish I was a better painter or even good at drawing, think how amazing to have a double exposure of the reality and then the artwork sync’d on top of it. Or even just to create a mosaic of various patterns and visuals exposed on top of a portrait. Interesting idea, think I will try doing more of this in the future. Try it out yourself!


“at the bottom of the ocean
this scenery can fail calm
up till now been riding fine, yeah
but the curving walls leave me behind, yeah”

Sparta “Air”

If you want to see what it looks like when I don’t do double exposures, here is just plain old me.


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