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This week in photos brought to you by bad weather and weirdly placed holidays! I guess you are probably sick of my commenting on how much it’s been raining here and if you are in Canada you’re probably sick of the weather too. You’d never guess from my photos though because I’ve managed to stay inside like hermit on all the rainy days working on my DIY project, lol. This week there was the Quebec holiday St. Jean Baptiste Day which meant we got Tuesday off, and next week it’s Canada Day…on Tuesday so weirdly placed holidays for all. I’m lucky I had two weeks of photos to show you guys so no rainy photos for you, instead bike adventures and more…

this week in photosStarting to explore doing more with my hair beside just straight down. My first top bun was pretty successful and it stayed up even after 1 hour of swimming at the pool. Me and Victor did our first swim of summer at the local rec center, we hope to go once a week to exercise. I’ll have to take photo there sometime – the pool is indoors but surrounded by glass – it’s pretty.

this week in photosthis week in photos (3)Replanted all my new plants, love re-potting plants even though my balcony is so tiny I have to sit in the kitchen to do it. Got dirt everywhere which was not fun to clean up. Also played around with what to do with my new air plants – can’t wait to show you what I ended up with.

this week in photos (2)
After a month vacation from hanging art, I’m back at it and really want to get everything I have framed on the walls. I need to finish decorating the house especially since I’ve already started looking at other apartments.

pick of the weekMy front room is really coming together, instead of just being Butter’s place to lay everywhere and have her toys all over the floor it’s now my chill hammock area. I spend a good 30min. on my hammock each day, it’s so relaxing.  Best early birthday present to myself.

this week in photos (4)Sorting all my paper cranes for June’s DIY project, as soon as I did this Butter came over and napped on them, of course. Really excited to share this month’s DIY project tomorrow!

this week in photos (6)If you ever wondered what my front window looked like during the day and not during a sunrise.

this week in photos (2)So excited my fridge is fixed and I can start making popsicles to fill the freezer for the summer heat.

this week in photos (4)this week in photos Bike rides! Any sunny day I’m off we’ve been travelling by bike. I should do a “What’s in my bike basket” sometime this summer, right now it has water, Split-Cam, Polaroid Colorpack IV and developed polaroids.

this week in photos (2)this week in photos (1) this week in photos (3)A few sneak peak photos from our adventure to the Canada Malting Silos. Scouting out the place in attempt to find an enterance – didn’t find any but I’m hoping a few more tries and I might get access. We were able to peak inside through one of the welding doors and it looked amazing. Next week on Thursday I’ll be sharing all my shots from the outside.

this week in photos (4)Cloudy sunrise, the last few sunrises I’ve seen in the last two weeks have been underwhelming. The weather here is pretty shit most days so that’d hardly suprising (can you tell all this rain is making me bitter?).

this week in photosWhat a good way to end then with a cute photo of Butter hiding behind the garden. She gets so antsy in the morning when I’m running to work and she just wants to go outside and lay about watching birds.

Hope you have an amazing weekend, I only have a few days left of work before starting  a week long vacation. I’m getting so amped for it.

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