What’s in My Bike Basket?

Thought this would a cute post idea for the summer! I finally got around to finding a basket for my bike, it’s awesome because it detaches from the handles so I can just carry it around with me. I’ve basically using it whenever me and Victor got out on long bike rides to the tennis courts or just around town. I also use just when I go on bike rides to get stuff done! Think it’ll be fun to share what I have inside a few times this summer and fall so you can see what I bring when I go on small adventures around Montreal.

whats in my bike basket 2whats in my bike basketWhat’s in my bike basket for today’s journey? Well I was just going for a short bike ride to the Jacques Cartier bridge that is near the house to relax so I brought with me my essentials for relaxing, my Ipod and a book! I just pick up J.R.R. Tolkien’s Tales from the Perilous Realmthis week. Also my Split-Cam camera that I’ve been dragging everywhere with me for the last month and my brand new CoverGirl lipstick (330 Divine) that I bought a few days ago because it looked really obnoxious and I was dying to try having a bold purple lip for summer. It’s not as purple as I thought but still fun, also I have Lip Smackers Vanilla Coca-Cola chapstick. Black sunglasses in case the sun decided to come out (it was really overcast) and  the basic things like water, Ice Breakers Sour mints,  my phone, keys, wallets, and my little bag to stuff all the small things inside (don’t judge me on my mismatching and beat up bag – it’s so perfect for summer and the original strap broke). It’s suprising how well all of the stuff fits in the basket, it’s kinda huge:

bike basketbridgeAlso the view from where I biked to relax!


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