Summer Recipes: Watermelon Popsicles

watermelon popsicles

Today’s I’m going to show you my 100% fruit recipe for watermelon popsicles. It’s perfect for people who cannot eat dairy or want a juice popsicle. Watermelon is also the perfect summer treat, we’ve been eatting it all weekend long. One thing about watermelon though is that its flavor is almost too mellow for popsicles so it’s perfect to pair it with strawberries (also the watermelons in Montreal are nothing like the ones you lucky people down south get). I also wanted to make the popsicles actually look like mini watermelons so I’m going to add at the bottom just a hint of kiwi puree. Watermelon strawberry popsicles aren’t the most original but they are so yummy so who cares!

[box title=”Health Benefits” color=”#FF4040″] Even though watermelon is known for being mostly water, it’s actually very rich in minerals and vitamins. Watermelon comes packed with Vitamin A, B and C and also has amino acids that help with keeping your heart healthy and soothes sore muscles. One of the biggest benefits of eating them though is lycopene which has been linked to lowering certain cancers and potentially helping your heart stay healthy – watermelon happens to have the highest concentration of lycopene out of any fruits or vegetables. [/box]

What You’ll Need:summer recipe (2)

  • 3 cups of watermelon
  • 2 cup of strawberries
  • 1 lemon (or lime)
  • 3 kiwis
    (learn from me 2 just isn’t enough)


  1. Wash the strawberries and cut off the tops. Please in blender/food processor.
    summer recipe (3)summer recipe (4)
    *the strawberries I’m using are local so extremely small, you can half if you have large ones
  2. Cut your watermelon in half and cube it. Measure out 3 cups of watermelon (about half of mini watermelon) and add to the blender.
    summer recipe (5)summer recipe (6)
  3. Puree strawberries and watermelon.
    summer recipe (7)summer recipe (8)
    *you can go for a more chunky result if the watermelon is seedless
  4. Squeeze in blender a bit of lemon juice and blend.
    summer recipe (9)
  5. Put puree through a sifter overtop of a jug to remove all watermelon/strawberry seeds
    *mine was suppose to be seedless but had A LOT so I had to strain the seeds out, you will loose quiet a bit of puree so add an extra 1/2 cup of watermelon if you plan to strain.
  6. Place in the popsicle mold so it’s about 75% full.
    summer recipe (10)summer recipe (11)
  7. Clean mold and place the lid and sticks before placing in the freezer for an 1-2 hours.
    summer recipe (12)
    *if you have sticks that attach to the lid don’t leave in freezer for more than 60min.
  8. Prepare the kiwi by peeling it and cutting into chunks. Put in blender/food processor.
    summer recipe (13)summer recipe (14) summer recipe (15)summer recipe (16)
  9. Add the rest of the lemon juice and pulse 2-3 times.
    summer recipe (17)summer recipe (19)
    *kiwi seeds will make the puree bitter if they are broken, if after a few pulses you still have chunks just use the backside of a spoon and smoosh. Also if you want a clear puree you will want to strain though a sifter.
  10. Remove mold from the freezer and remove the lid.
  11. Pour in the kiwi puree into the top of each mold and place back in the freezer.
    summer recipe (20)summer recipe (1)
  12. Freezer for another 3 hours and remove and enjoy!

watermelon popsicles (8) These popsicles are super refreshing and perfect for Montreal humid weather this week! I love the sour bottoms to counter the relatively sweet top – it all works together nicely. If you don’t have the time to make popsicles try making a watermelon slushie! All you do is pour the 1st puree into glasses, place in the freezer for 60-90minutes and take out and break the the ice top and mix with the liquid bottom to make the slushie. If you want kiwi as well just add kiwi puree to the middle. No need to prefreeze the kiwi puree as it’s chunky and will just blend in nicely (it’s good with both or on it’s own).  Sorry for the instagram photo for the slushie, didn’t take a fancy one before devouring it- it’s so hot here!


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