52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

17/52 Needle in the Hay

self portrait triple exposureToday’s self-portrait is just a classic style of black and white portrait photography using triple exposure to get the effect of the leaves around my face. I was working on a more ‘spookier’ idea with me holding my two floating heads but I’m not a master at having similar facial expressions in 3 constitutive shots so it was a bit hard to get a shot I liked (example: one would be still, another angry and another more frightening…my expressions kept throwing the shot off). I did love how serene I looked in this one so I cropped out the rest of the shot. I’ve always wondered what my photography would look like if I photoshopped it and did effects like most modern photographers but I’m just happy taking simple shots to be bothered with it. Hope you like and next week is super busy so it’s good idea I already kind of know what I want for next week.


“There’s a name you keep repeating
You got nothing better to do
And you’re with someone who’ll hear you say it and just nod
Her hand on your arm

Her hand on your arm
She put her hand on your arm
And told you her name you can’t pronounce it
I’ll show you around this alphabet town”

Elliott Smith “Alphabet Town”


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