Pick of the Week: Macrame Plant Holders

Macrame Plant Holders (2) copy

Pick of the Week: Macrame Plant Holders

For this week’s pick I’m featuring two stores that sell amazing macramé plant holders, Dance of Soul and UKR Handmades. Macramé plant holders are the perfect way to display your plants and create a multi-layered home garden. I just love them for vines especially because you can provide your plants plenty of room to grow, and convenient when you live in an apartment and have limited space! I remember my German grandmother having these types of holders all around her house for plants to stuff animals. I love the knots and the patterns created, I wouldn’t even know where to begin to make one of these myself (although probably a handy skill to have, perhaps a future DIY project?). Plus there are plenty of colors to choose from if you like a more rainbow look, like myself and there are a variety of knot patterns. I also wanted my plants to all be at different heights which was easy to do since both stores have a great selection. If it’s a look you like, I would definitely recommend either of these shops – the cheapest I’ve found online and the quality is great.   If you like planters more, I’ve included a whole bunch below, as well as more pictures of my macramé plant holders in action!

Macrame Plant Holders (3)Macrame Plant HoldersMacrame Plant Holders

a few of my favourite planters:

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