What’s in my bike basket?

what's in my bike basket (3)what's in my bike basket

I decided to head up the Parc Lafontaine to just chill out in the sun for a while and do some work on the blog so I rode up on my bike. What’s in my bike basket for this trip? Well I’m working on a few projects right now that I needed to organize so I had my Jetoy daily planner  plus a few pens. I also wanted to start taking photos for these projects so I brought along with me two My Little Pony’s, my Hello Kitty Golden Half camera, and some origami cranes….yes I’m not just some crazy person who just carries those around with me (okay I’m a tad crazy). You’ll see photos from these projects probably next month some time, but you can see updates on the cranes using #mtlcrane if you’re interested! As well I’m currently reading Hunter X Hunter, which is a manga/anime that Victor has been obsessed with since he was a kid. I also brought with me a picnic blanket, Domingo Peach Fantasy drink and a container of watermelon to make it a proper picnic! Of course I also had essentials like my phone, Ipod with brand new headphones (Victor bought me cos I broke mine), lipstick (Covergirl 365 Enchantress), kitty wallet, my  rainbow sunglasses that match my hair so perfectly, and keys with my neat Holga keychain. I love this basket it’s perfect for trips like this. Well I hoped you enjoyed my silly post, and let me know below what you usually carry in yours for summer!

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