July in Review

july in reviewWow, July has been such a perfect month for me. My goal for the summer is always to relax and to adventure and I feel like this summer has been a great combination of the two. At the start of the July I had my birthday and celebrated it by watching the sunrise on the Jacques-Cartier bridge. I was also given a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera and have been taking photos with it all month. Beside that I’ve been enjoying our indoor hammock and reading a ton (hammocks are the best place to read). I’ve also been enjoying having Victor around more because both me and him have been working less hours this month. We’ve been focusing on spending our time outside so that means we’ve been biking, exploring, swimming at the pool, watching fireworks and for the last few weeks we’ve even managed to go each weekend to the beach and just relax in the sun (it’s raining this weekend, we are so chocked). I’ve also started so many projects I barely know which one to do each day, I’m just so excited to start to showing you them in August. It’s been pretty chill though, no travel plans of yet and eating lots and lots of popsicles (have you been enjoying the weekly popsicle recipes?). I’m just enjoying myself, excited to see if August brings any adventures. My friend Brent is visiting from BC in the middle of month which will be really fun. I also don’t plan on having any “This Week in Photos” until Fall starts because I’ve just had so much content that I wanted to share. Hope you’ve been enjoying the blog!

a few select posts from July:

Lomography Wednesday: My Birthdayfujifilm-instax-mini-90

Dawn from the Jacques-Cartier Bridgewatching-the-sunrise-15

Monthly DIY: Paper Switch Platespaper-switch-plates-10

Summer Recipes: Citrus Popsiclescitrus-popsicles-21

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Paper Cranes52-weeks-of-self-portraits-e1404679174485

Inside Garden Update Part 2air-plants-4

Canada Malting Siloscanada-malting-silos-16

Double Exposure: Prince Edward Islandpei-double-exposure-15

 What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Hunter X Hunter manga 1 – 19 plus 31&32
  • Saga Volume 2
  • Sailor Moon Short Stories 1
  • Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 3

watching the sunrise (36)

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