52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

     18/52  River Watching

train bridge (27)This week’s self-portrait came totally out of randomness when me and my friend passed by a train bridge driving through a small town. We stopped the car and hopped out to investigate and take photos. In the photo I’m sitting on one of the bridge’s beams dangling my legs over the river below. I’m also not wearing any make-up as I cried most of it out laughing with Zara hours before picking blueberries. It was just so peaceful and relaxing sitting on the edge that I really wanted to try and share the moment with you even though it’s not the greatest photo. I’ve really started to think about how weird it’ll be to look back at my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project next year and see all these moments in times that I may have forgotten about and the evolution of my hair. Speaking of my hair, it’s so pretty right now I’ve included a photo below of it and me squinting in the sun while on the land part of the train tracks.

self-portrait (4)


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

  1. That was such a good day!!! That bridge was so magic. We shoulda done more of these lil excursions! I swear we may get over being a bit anti-social…


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