Pick of the Week: Love Teacup Kisses

love teacup kisses (1)Pick of the Week: Love Teacup Kisses

 This week’s pick is the adorable Etsy store Love Teacup Kisses by illustrator Avo. She sells prints, stickers, brooches, original artwork and more of her adorable illustrations. I just love her artwork. It’s light, fun and super cute. It was impossible for me to resist the stickers with all the colorful hair happening and amazing fashion. I also picked up an original artwork because that “Fuck Off” jacket and hair do just screamed me (she does portraits as well that are really well done – if I wasn’t scared of getting mine done I would in a heartbeat).  She was also super kind and sent me some extra monster stickers with the original – and they are amazing. It’s a great store and she puts a lot of care into each package.  If you want to know more about Avo, she has an adorable blog and posts videos of her process on Youtube that you can check out!

Hello!! I am an illustrator with a love of super cute stuff! I blog mostly about art, life and some of my vintage adventures. I run my own online art stores [x][x] where I sell prints of my illustrations, original art, jewelry, handmade items and more. I love making new friends so feel free to say hi!
– See more at: http://www.avoslife.com/#sthash.aoVd2ol9.dpuf

love teacup kisses (2) love teacup kisses (3)A closer look at all the stickers and the print.

a few of my favourite items:


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