52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

20/52 Lady of the Lake

52 weeks of self portraits52 weeks of self-portraits (1)For this week’s self-portrait I’m sharing a multiple exposure photo I took of myself at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in front of Lake Ontario. We arrived after about a 3 hour drive and ferry ride from Montreal. Escaping the rain of Quebec but greeted with clouds and the wind which caused the waves of the lake to swell to higher heights than normal. Me and my friend Zara eagerly hit the beach and decided to conquer the waves. It was this amazing experience crashing and jumping the waves as the wind swirled around us. Much warmer than I’m use to with river or ocean swimming which was such a nice change, especially since the sun was nowhere to be seen for our whole time at Sandbanks. We were so happily exhausted by the end we could do nothing more than get back in the car and head on our way to our true destination Peterborough to visit our friend Sarah…but not after I managed to take a few photos of myself, the beach and Zara jumping the waves. It was one of those road trip experiences I long for in the summer, it was amazing. The whole trip despite the bad weather was really great and I’ll be sharing tons of photos from our trip over the next few weeks. Today’s song is one Zara played me while on the car ride home.


“Nouse tuuli tuulemahan Stig nu vldig vind att brusa
vihkurit vetelemn stormilarna stort att susa
Tuule tuuli kuusi vuotta Rasa vinden genom ren
seuro seitsemn kes tjut igenom mnga somrar”

Hedningarna “Tuuli”


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