Summer Recipe: Mango Lassi Popsicles

mango lassi popsicle (1) (1024x678)My first popsicle blunder of the summer happened this week so I thought I’d reshare my delish mango lassi popsicles from last year instead (link here). Basically I really didn’t have time to test this recipe out and it was a combination I haven’t used much for smoothies or otherwise (mango and guava with coconut jelly). I was also outta town for a few days last week and then immediately had a friend staying at my house all weekend so making popsicles didn’t happen. So today I tried to make a last minute recipe and I think they will actually turn out pretty good but they really aren’t the standard I go far when I share recipes. I’d rather share a recipe I know is amazing and am proud of then share something new that will not be up to my standards. So check out my last year’s mango lassi popsicle recipe because they were divine! And this means next year I have a mango and guava recipe to work on and perfect for you guys. This is actually the last recipe of the year so next week will be a roundup of all this year’s popsicles.


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