Summer Blueberry Picking

Just like last year me and Zara headed out to Durham, Quebec to pick blueberries together and try and consume as much antioxidants as we could handle. We ended up going to the same farm as last year too, the only difference is this year we headed out at the end July instead of mid-August and it made the world of difference. Not only did we get to pick some raspberries (we arrived too late to pick from the good field sadly but we did pick some!) but we also got to pick over 9 varieties of blueberries. We didn’t really like many of the variations that much, but we at least learned the yummiest blueberry variety – Nelson! There is not much else to say as all we did was be silly, talk about inappropriate things and pick blueberries and raspberries for a few hours and then headed home. I did end up taking a lot of glamour shots of blueberries sand some instant shots that I’ve already shared (here). Our U-Pick day…

blueberry picking (41)I’ll start off with my haul of blueberries and raspberries – I had enough to fill bags and bags in the freezer and they haven’t lasted long as Victor eats so much fruit.

blueberry picking (34) blueberry picking (36) blueberry picking (37)blueberry picking The start of blueberry picking.

blueberry picking (8)blueberry picking (35)blueberry picking (32)It rained early that morning and I love taking photos of raindrops on leaves.

blueberry picking (14)blueberry picking (17)blueberry picking (18) blueberry picking (38)The start of my blueberry haul.

blueberry picking (5)blueberry picking (9)blueberry picking (3) blueberry picking (4) blueberry picking (10)blueberry picking (1)Glamour shots of blueberries!

blueberry picking (16) blueberry picking (22) blueberry picking (12)blueberry picking (31)The sun decided to come out for a little while picking too.

blueberry picking (20)blueberry picking (2)Self-portrait in the field and our almost full containers of blueberries.

blueberry picking (23)blueberry picking (19)blueberry picking (13)Zara decided to nap at the end of the firled for awhile because it was just too many blueberries for here, lol.  We also grapped a photo of the sign for the type of blueberries we spent most of the time picking so we wouldn’t forget. We both laughed as it’s the name of a town in BC.

me and zarablueberry picking (24)Taking photos of the flowers at the farm being getting back in the car and heading home, if you want to see photos of the flowers I have one post here of regular photos and double exposures!

blueberry picking (26)blueberry picking (29)Zara loves picking wild flowers to decorate her house. I just love the idea and they are so pretty!

blueberry picking (30) blueberry picking (27) blueberry picking (39) The drive home we passed by the country side and farms. It was a great trip outta town and we both ended up with so many raspberries and blueberries. I love U-Pick and think it’s such a great idea plus the drive to the farm is always fun.


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