52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

21/52 Graffiti

52 weeks of self portraits (2)
I had a lot of fun this week on the last few days of my summer vacation. I may have went a little crazy with photos so bare with me as it will take me a few weeks to share all of them with you…I realize that sounds like I took a shit ton of self-portraits, lol. Don’t worry its photos from my road trip and photo shoots of friends.  This week’s self-portrait was taken on Thursday when I tagged along with my friend Zara to the abandoned car park to try our hand at making graffiti. She wanted someone to come along while she practiced spray painting for the first time and it was a lot of fun. I even did my own piece, although it doesn’t compare to her’s because I can’t really draw or paint (honestly I can’t, even stick figures are painfully bad). I decided to do little octopus with swirls and it made me laugh at least. At the end I did a multiple exposure shot of the silhouette of my face looking outside the factory window with a shot of my graffiti and I think we can all agree I should stick to photography!


“Little hope, sing a song of fire
I grow up to be just like that
(little hope, little hope)
Sing a song of fire”

Iamamiwhoami “Y”

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