Summer Recipes: Popsicle Round Up!

The last week of August is upon us and I’m a little heartbroken Montreal doesn’t have another few weeks of nice weather. There isn’t much I can do beside enjoy it while it last and since it’s the end of our summer here it’s time to end my weekly popsicle recipes for another year. I had a bit of a later start but in the end I shared 6 popsicles recipes that are a great balance between being healthy and having great flavor. Thanks for reading and hopefully you tried making one of these recipes yourself. I’ve included all 6 recipes with a recap of the recipe just in case you wanted to make one last recipe or if it’s the end of winter where you are! As always let me know in the comments what you think about the recipes and below are my
2014 Summer Popsicle Recipes!

strawberry white chocolate popsicles (12)My first time making dipped popsicles – these are a great balance between the natural sourness of the strawberries and the sweetness of the Lindor white chocolate (link)

lychee popsicleCombining the sweetness of lychee juice and coconut milk with freshly picked raspberries and lychee chunks (link)

watermelon popsiclesAll fruit popsicles made to look like watermelon by combining fresh watermelon puree with kiwi puree for the bottom (link)

melon popsicles 10Fresh melon popsicles inspired by Melona bars with cantaloupe and honeydew (link)

citrus popsicles 2Matching the sourness of citurs fruits orange and lemon, plus raspberries with greek yogurt to makes these rainbow sherbert inspired popsicles (link)

apricot swirl popsiclesApricot yogurt popsicles with a swirl of fresh apricot puree (link)


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