What’s In My Bike Basket?

whats in my bike basket (3) whats in my bike basket (5) copyOkay so first of all, I’m sure you’ve noticed how I have a lock tied with shoe lace to my handlebars….yah that’s my lock. I didn’t lose the key but apparently over the winter the lock rusted even though it was in a shed the whole time (wtf) so it’s impossible to open. Which I knew because I tried to open it at the beginning of summer and it took me 45minutes while it wasn’t attached to anything. That brings us to the beginning of August when Victor got it open and thought it was fine and locked my bike with it while he was riding his bike and wanted to use our other locks….it will not come off.  I had to shimmy the lock underneath the pole in our backyard that it was attached to get free my bike. We’ve tried multiple times to unlock it and it doesn’t want to move, so I’ve given up and just ride around like a bike thief with a lock attached to my bike. I know that seems nuts, but I honestly forget it’s there half the time. Oh, and this is my last “What’s In My Bike basket” post and I’m super sad about it because it’s really fun to do, but since it’s Fall now I will not be biking much and I’m also not doing Friday posts (more about this on my Monthly Review next week). It’s actually a double bike basket post because me and Victor went on a picnic and we both rode our bikes so I stashed half the stuff in his basket (which I love, milk crate on bikes always make me smile). Our baskets before heading out to the Clocktower beach in Vieux-Port:
whats in my bike basket (2)whats in my bike basket (1)
In our bike baskets I brought a picnic blanket to cover the table, with cherries, grapes, watermelon, cheese, crackers and salami to eat. We also had to use my bike basket to hide our beer and hard lemonade as you’re not allowed to BYOB at the Clocktower beach. I also remembered to bring the bottle opener which was a win since the last time we had a picnic Victor had to open the bottle on the cerement.  Along with picnic stuff I brought a few of my standard going out the house things like my phone, chap stick (Coke black cherry), a pen, notebook, and my read, a classic X-Men comic book. I usually also pack at least one camera besides my Nikon D7000, today I brought the Disderi Robot 3 and Agfa PD16 Clipper cameras. One camera to take photos with and the later camera to take photos of for a future post. Lastly some cat ears and paper cranes for my #mtlcrane project. It was a great picnic and I do hope I do more What’s in my Bike Basket in the future when I have more time.

whats in my bike basket (6)summer moment


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