Pick of the Week: James Jean Memu Postcards

james jean memu postcardsPick of the Week: Memu Postcards by James Jean

This week I wanted to share with you James Jean’s newest postcard collection Memu . Memu is Jean’s second collection of postcards and features 100 of his paintings and sketches in a collectible box. I have both of his postcard collections, Memu and Xoxo and absolutely love them both (review for XoXo here). One of my favourite things about Memu is the cloth covered box with its red silkscreen details. On its own, the box is beautiful and mesmerizing. It reminds me of the cover for his art book Rebus which had detailed red foil lettering as well.  He continues to put a lot of thought into the postcards and each contains on the backside the name of the piece, materials used, ample space to write and area for address as well as a stylizes stamp area. Roughly half of the postcards even contain a gray outline of the artwork from the front of the postcard on the backside where you would write (images below of back of the postcard). The postcards themselves have high quality images with vibrant and bright colors and on quality card stock that is suitable for writing on (I hate glossy cardstock backs that are impossible to write on). One thing I’ve noticed is that if you keep them in the box they do tend to curve slightly in the middle. As for the artwork that was chosen to be featured on each postcard I found that unlike his previously collection which was 30 pieces of artwork &sketches there is some loss of the cohesiveness and not everyone is gem. To me there is a feeling of repetition within the postcards (even though all 100 are unique) because of similar tones and subject matter. If you are a huge fan of his work you might love every one of them but for me it felt that there were more than a few duds in the bunch. For the price however is hard to argue that the duds really matter in the grand scheme of things especially when all his most iconic paintings have been featured and there doesn’t seem to be any left out (he doesn’t repeat any of the postcards featured in XoXo however). It has to be said he is one of the few modern artists who makes his work accessible outside of a gallery and his postcard sets are one of the easiest ways to view his paintings and see selections from his sketchbooks. I would imagine most people who would want to pick up Memu will use them as mini-prints instead of postcards but the amount of detail put into them make them excellent for anyone who collects postcards or loves to send postcards to friends regardless if you are familiar with his work. I am in love, these are probably my second favourite postcards in my collection (XOXO is still my top). Very happy to have these and I would says they are amazing postcards/mini prints to pick up especially with the reasonable price of around $20.

a closer look at the postcards:


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Week: James Jean Memu Postcards

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I’m very interested on getting this collection but couldn’t find any additional photos or info about it, until I found your blog! Very useful information and pictures! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog!
    Sandra ♥

    1. Thanks Sandra! That’s the main reason why I do it, I’m always so curious about art books and postcards before I buy them but it usually hard to find anything more than a blurb. Glad I could help. Btw, your postcards are amazing – I’ve been meaning to buy them forever.

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