Vintage Tuesday: Agfa PD16 Clipper

agfa pd16 clipper (2)Agfa PF16 Clipper

I wanted to get back in my Vintage Tuesday by showing you my 2nd newest acquisition the Agfa PD16 Clipper that I picked up on Etsy in the spring. This camera was first introduced in 1928 by Agfa and made in New York State. The Agfa company had just recently been acquired by Ansco when this camera came out so you can find the exact same model of this camera under the name Ansco Clipper.  It’s a metal and plastic folding medium format camera that uses now discontinued 616 film and has a fixed focus of over 6 feet to infinity. The shutter is a red metal lever to the right of the lens and it has the shutter speed of 1/60 second and has a bulb mode for infinite exposure.  Although considered a folding camera, this camera is pretty unique and actually had a lens that pulls out by pressing in the metal tabs on the middle of the camera to slide out the lens and extend the front of the camera. The unique part of that is instead of bellows it just a metal square.
agfa pd16 clipper (3)agfa pd16 clipper (4)
The above two photos show you what the camera looks like once extended out. As well you can see the metal tap in the 2nd photo at the top of the lens that turns the shutter into bulb mode, simply pull up. The top of the camera is plastic and has 1 knob to wind the film. It also has a typical viewfinder over the top of the lens and a little stand to hold the camera lens when extended plus a hand strap on the left side of the camera that conveniently covers the switch to open up the back of the camera.  Other than that the camera has no other functionality or specifics but I’d like to note its pretty light camera to hold and would be easy to travel with due to its compactness and weight. I haven’t taken photos with this camera yet as I need to convert 120 film onto a 616 metal spool and have had trouble doing so but I’m really excited to try it out as it’s one of my oldest cameras.

agfa pd16 clipper (5)agfa pd16 clipper (1)agfa pd16 clipperThe last shot is kinda of random but I brought my Agfa Clipper on a bike ride because I wanted to take these photos somewhere more interesting than my back porch but it got too dark too fast. I love this shot of me holding it above the river though.

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