52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

23/52 Mtlcrane

mtlcraneA little late but here is this week’s self-portrait, a shot of me and my crane embodiment Luna – Luna who likes pina coladas and getting stuck in the rain. *laughing* This was taken today (which would explain why I’m post this close to midnight) while I was doing my mtlcrane project. I will be talking more about my crane project this week actually, but in short I am putting cranes up all over Montreal with little name tags with silly 80’s songs and I name each one and take photos of them before walking away. Today I hung up my favourite crane which I gave my name and I thought it was just the perfect representation of me (I’ve included my feet as well as I loved the texture of this bridge).¬† The placement of the crane also has a weird emotional attachment to me because this particular bridge reminded me so much of my birth place Edmonton, Alberta. I lived there until I was 6 and the one thing that left a big impression on me even after all these years was the bridges they have there. This bridge was the same color and material as the one near my childhood home so it’s very appropriate that my crane was placed there. Today’s inspiration by the way is the amazing new Aphex Twin song¬† – it’s too good.

paper crane (2)



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