Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

sprocket rocket (2)

Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

Today’s pick is Lomography special sales area of their website which offers heavily discounted cameras and more. I didn’t even know this existed until the beginning of the summer and it’s been one of my favourite shops to browse at since. The deal is that for a discounted price that can vary from 15% to 75% you can get either cameras or accessories that were used in stores as samples, have damaged or open boxes and other items like magazine and books that they are trying to move stock for. This is a great way to pick up a camera you’ve really wanted at a much better price or picking up other fun items. They also promise that the camera comes with the manual and all the extras so you aren’t missing out on anything the full price camera has. Besides cameras they have accessories like flashes or lens for various cameras and the other items like Lomography books, magazines and photo albums. The one thing I have yet to see in this area is film which is too bad. However, it’s a gold mine for amazing cameras and they seem to update the website multiple times a week so if a camera you want isn’t listed there is strong possibility it’ll become available in a short amount of time. I missed out on picking up one of the cameras I really wanted before when I was browsing and waited less than a week for it to be relisted. Also there always seems to be multiple pages of sales which means the choice is varied and it’s just not one or two specific camera or designs at a time.  The main reason why I love the special sale area though is that it really helps offset the cost of Lomography cameras which are usually more expensive then need be (probably to offset the cost of all those extras they include with the cameras – which I think are useless) and also for people outside of US it helps with shipping and export fees. The two cameras that I purchased from there were both roughly 40% off and saved me $70 total so I end up with 2 cameras for the price of 1. On top of that shipping was $15 and I had to pay a $20 import fee when the package arrived because even though the cameras were ordered through their Canadian website they ship out of New York (that was the only thing I don’t like about my purchase so beware of those charges). Overall I am really happy with my cameras and honestly don’t think there is any reason to buy a full priced camera if you don’t have to. I know not everything will come in the same condition as mine did but I wanted to show you what my experience was like with the two I purchased. Below is a photo of the cameras as they came:

lomography sample sale (1) lomography sample sale (2)

As you can see with my Sprocket Rocket the box is entirely in tack and in very good condition. Beside there being dust on the top of the box and being slightly bent everything was pretty much mint condition. I doubt the camera ever left the box. For my La Sardina camera you can tell the box is pretty man handled and the side the box is beat up a bit. Honestly for this camera as well when I was opening it, it didn’t really appear like the camera ever left the box. As they mention the cameras came with everything they would have if I had bought it brand new. None of the books instead were even bent or damages. So from my experience I managed to get 2 cameras for half off the regular price just because the box just  dusty in one case and slightly mangled on the other. It’s a great deal and perfect for if you are buying the camera for yourself and you don’t care about the outward appearance of the box. I may have gotten really lucky so please do let me know in the comments if your experience was different but I highly recommend taking this route for you next Lomography camera purchase. Check it out here!


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