Featured Artist: David Fleck

david fleck

Featured Artist: David Fleck

David Fleck is a UK based illustrator that combines his love of architecture and art to create his pieces.  He does many types of illustrations but his cityscapes are what really won me over. His European cityscape prints are crafted with such detail and show his meticulous attention to the architecture.  I enjoy how the prints have such an old timey romantic feel to them yet also have modern elements. Whether it’s the city in the clouds or skyscrapers with hot air balloons you cannot escape the crafted whimsical nature of them. The muted color tones with the pops of color work very well to heighten the over feel of his work. I really enjoy them and think it’s a breath of fresh air in an age where people (myself included) are so into surrealism.

David Fleck (website)
Tumblr (blog)
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*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to David Fleck

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