52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

26/52 Mermaid

self portrait 52 weeks project mermaidLast week’s self-portrait for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits is a little late because we didn’t arrive back from the trip until really late on Sunday and I’ve been in a really weird head space from work for the last few days. This is my mermaid portrait I was very excited to take and I think it turned out nice and dreamy. Although I’m a little addicted to taking multiple exposures of anything and water as I love the water-painting effect the ripples create. I spent so much of this day swimming and ended up sitting in the shallow waters of the lake taking photos of my toes and the water and doing other silly things that an adult probably should do for the afternoon. Oh and my inspiration this week is actually just the M.I.A. song that was played a millions times on the drive there and back as my friend I think only had 1 CD in her car (Slum Dog Millionaire soundtrack). I’ve been listening to her a lot in the last two months, if you don’t know much about her I suggest reading her Wikipedia as she’s really fascinating even if you aren’t into her music.


“All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money”

-M.I.A. “Paper Planes”


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