Featured Artist: Muxxi


Featured Artist: Muxxi

This week’s featured artist is illustrator Muxxi from Guatemala City. Her medium of choice is digital illustrations and murals of her futurist color explosion. I love the chaos of her work and the visual feast for the eyes. Her way of blending color and subjects together into a diorama of this strange alien world is glorious. It reminds me of the video game world Katamari Damacy which is equally as visually vibrant. What I enjoy most about her work though is how happy it is, it’s so joyful to view her work and find all the elements that make it up, you can’t really view her work and not crack a smile. I hope to see more murals from her as I think her digital works translates very well into the medium of street art. Check some of her work out below, and links to find on where to find her.

Muxxi Illustrations (website)
Flickr (blog)
Facebook (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Muxxi

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