October in Review

october in reviewThere was a lot going in October, it felt nice to ease back into the colder months and I really enjoyed the start of autumn. I had so many photos leftover from the summer that I feel October posts has barely scraped the surface of what I’ve been doing this Fall.  It’s kind of crazy how badly my organization gets when I really get into exploring new places and taking photos.  Folders with hundreds of photographs to sort through and post about…it makes me long to be a film photographer instead of digital where you have to limit yourself. I’ve barely even shared what I’ve been doing in September at all, let alone October last month. I’m always in need of better photograph organization, which is strange because for life things I’m super organized – friends even tease me about it. I am confident that in November I’ll have to chance share some of my explorations with you. I also really want to start using my older cameras again – I find they aren’t well suited for the summer but I love using them around this time of year. Beside the mayhem which is my photography storage I’ve been a bit off this month, I don’t think its seasonal depression (which I get every year at some point especially if it rains too much) but I’m definitely depressed about something. Maybe it’s uneasiness with where I am currently at in my life, or other big life questions things. I feel like I’ve progressed a lot with my photography and life but at the time a lot of things haven’t and I’m still very much stuck. I am hoping to get a chance in November to step back and pinpoint what the issue is so I can work towards some sort of resolution or set a goal so I can feel more fulfilled with my personal life and my photography. The big issue right now is getting my professional website up and working towards a series of photographs I’d like to exhibit next year.  In the mean time I’ve been focusing on crafting and projects that don’t include a lot of stress. I managed to finish my long wanted project of refurbishing my coffee table by covering  it with artist stickers. I’ve also started making a set of cranes for a friend who wants to hang them in her bedroom and I’ve started making dragon scale maille bracelets and earrings, as well as slide necklaces. Crafting always makes me happy. I don’t understand how people with Etsy stores do it though without stressing – at least when I’m doing it’s for friends so I don’t have to obsess about perfection (which I still kind of do anyways). I sometimes contemplate throwing some of my crafts up on my Storenvy but always decided against it. Speaking of stores though, Society6 is having a discount right now for $5 off each print and free international shipping. I’ve picked up a few artists prints already and if you like any of the photography I have up on my store, it’s the perfect time to buy for Christmas. Okay now that my sales pitch is over, hope you had a great October – are you dreading the impeding winter?

a few select posts from October:

Monthly DIY: Resin Sticker Tableresin-sticker-table-diy-21

Double Exposure: Jacques Cartier at Duskmultiple-double-exposure-sunset-12

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Protege-Moi52-weeks-of-self-portraits-21

Things That Make Me Smile things-that-make-me-smile-22

Fall in Instant: Camping and Lake Ontariofuji-instax-mini-film-instant-photography-15

Double Exposure: Bridges and Factoriesdouble-exposure-montreal-2

Beach Polaroidspolaroid-super-shot-instant-photography-19

Featured Artists: Maryana Kopylova

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • J.R.R. Tolkien “Tales from the Perilous Realm”
  • X-Men “Astonishing x-Men Volume 2”

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