52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Rain

32/52 Rain

52 weeks of self-portrait (5)The self-portrait for this week’s contribution to my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits was taken during a walk around the harbour in Vieux-Montreal on Thursday.  I was walking around listening to Our Lady Peace and just enjoying the crisp air that happens when it’s about to rain (it did rain on me a little bit towards the end). I had a discussion with Victor about the photo because he doesn’t think a photo of my feet constitutes a ‘self-portrait’ which I argued is fair but at the same time – it is a body part. I’ve also included a photo of my feet before in this project so I’ve already created a president anyways. I had planned to take another photo but I fell in love this multiple exposure, and how the pebbles of the pavement made the shot of the harbour look like it is under shallow water or being besieged in snow.  I took a few as well by the Clock tower, perhaps it was my cloud socks that attracted me – I have a habit of taking photos of my socks and leggings. Lol. They are my favourite fashion accessory but I know there are those that groan at people who take photos of their feet…I just can’t help it. I am hopefully changing my dull faded hair color this week btw as my hair dye is finally being shipped! I wish it was possible to find Special Effects dye in Montreal. Sadly I have to buy from Vancouver so it takes a little while. You’ll have to see next week what color I’ve decided to do.


“I understood
Like a machine they’ll fix you from the start
I’m in repair
The life that we share
I know that I’ll be lost in
But we’re always in repair”

Our Lady Peace ‘In Repair’


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