52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Pink

33/52 Pink

52 weeks of self-portraitThis week’s self-portrait I will admit was totally last minute as I completely forgot to take a photo this week in my Christmas shopping haze and the arrival of all my craft. It’s taken in front of harlequindavidson’s graffiti piece near the Expozine that happened over the weekend. It was crazy, one day I was just browsing Expozine on the hunt for a graphic novel or perhaps an amazing photography zine (found awesome graphic novels but sadly all in French, and okay photography zines) and the next I had a table? Don’t ask me, I just showed up today with my postcards and portfolio and sat at a table for a few hours. Didn’t really sell much but it’s Expozine…and I don’t have a zine. BTW thinking of making my own photography zine (hahah smooth transition no?). I would probably do a combo of written words and photography as it’d be a neat way to connect with people. It was really fun the first day; the 2nd day was slightly traumatic as I don’t really like putting myself out there artist wise. It was really amazing to come outside and take photos with the pink smiling house that matched my hair, cheered me up and I think the photo captures my mood excately – the introvert me trying to hide. The artist does stickers and all kinds of pieces all over Montreal and anytime I spot one I smile ear to ear. His work makes me really happy and I really needed that after a long day. Also I’ll be doing a loot post of all the artist zines, prints and other goodies I picked up on Wednesday if you are curious!



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