Featured Artists: Mat Miller

mat miller

Featured Artist: Mat Miller

This week’s featured artist is the vibrant Mat Miller who is an illustrator and graphic artist from the UK. He works in the medium of watercolours, acrylic ink on paper and digital illustrations.  His distinct color pallet is what drew me to his work as I’m always a sucker for pink, purple and blue hues and paired with black his work has a layered effect. The combination of vibrant colors and black details gives off a more dynamic feeling instead of a flat image. I also enjoy how his illustration subjects tend to be animals (who can resist?). What I find most interesting about his work however is the various elements of his pieces and the amount of details contained in each. You can see his digital design background as the piece grab your attention visually from the get go but it’s the smaller elements you find after looking at it for a while that really grow on you. As well as the watercolor effects and the sublime lines of his work. For more information about him check out the selection of his work below and links to where to find him.

Mat Miller Illustrations (website)
Prints on Wood(prints on wood)
Facebook (updates)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Mat Miller

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