52 Weeks in Self-Portraits: Photographer Eye

34/52 Photographer Eye

52 weeks of self-portrait photographer eyeThe hardest thing about doing a 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits challenge is actually taking one photo of yourself every week. This month I have been really frustrated with my photography and really wanting to step back from it and take a break to really see where I want to put my focus on for the new year and basically not feel like I’m stuck in rut for inspiration. None of that is possible when you ‘have’ to take a photo of yourself but still have the desire to actually make the photo interesting, non-generic and stand out not only as a self-portrait but from the other ones you’ve done in the months leading up this point. It’s hard, on top of it my hair is still this mishmash of colors and I’m sick (boo hoo is me right? lol). I’ve considered stopping but I am really interested in seeing what I end up with a year later for self-portraits. I see the value in a project like this but I do realize why some people never do projects like this – and it’s not because it’s hard. It’s because as a photographer, you know what you like in your photography and others – you don’t ‘have’ to take a photo or be in a situation where you show people photography that you don’t think is of your standard….projects like 365 and 52 Weeks Projects lead to that happening because you aren’t allowed to not share it and do it again later. I know next year when I’m done this project I will not being another one like it again.  It gives me inspiration but it also stifles my creativity and energy. I wish I had enough time in my week to pour as much love into this project as I could but with everything I do sometimes it doesn’t even come into my Top 10 list of things to do this week.  My ‘photographer eye’ is something that’s important to me as an amateur photographer because it’s how I share my view of the world. Sometimes I don’t want that to be anything less than the best, which is one reason I have been in need a break this month. Do projects like this really let you show your best? Let me know what you think in the comments and if you’ve run into the same wall yourself in the past with your photography. Love to hear from you!


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