Double Exposure: Vieux-Port

multiple exposure (17)Today I am sharing more photos from my walk down to the Vieux-Port. These double exposures are of various effects I attempt to create when shooting, whether it’s a cityscape followed by a shot of the waves, or attempting to mirror the image entirely. Possible my favourite are the two shots where I appear to be just casually standing on the water – and not just because I’m wearing neon cloud socks. It was quiet a grey day outside and I found pairing the cityscape shots with a shot of the paved stones and gravel while walking about fit the mood well as it made the shots even more gritty. For the most surreal I find the double exposures with the water reflection of the tress and buildings to be the most successful as they just seem to be nonsense and it’s hard to tell where the double exposure starts and the reflection ends.

multiple exposure (16)multiple exposure (44)multiple exposure (42)multiple exposure multiple exposure (27)multiple exposure (29)multiple exposure (36)multiple exposure (38)multiple exposure (41)


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