Monthly DIY: Dried Flower Resin Bracelets

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For November’s DIY I wanted to share with you how to make your own dried flower resin bracelets.  I kept running into resin jewellery on Etsy that I wanted to buy but was far too expensive so I decided to figure out how to make my own using dried flowers and leaves.  It was easier than I imaged and there is so much creativity you can do to make one of kind bracelets.  This DIY I would say is a medium level but I will say right now beside 4 leaf clovers I’ve never dried anything before in my life and I’ve never made resin jewelry before either so knowledge of those two isn’t required but I would recommend researching safety for epoxy resin. I also have no idea why I decided this would be a great DIY to do in the Fall when all the really awesome flowers were over but there are plenty of Fall flowers too that work just as well in this project but you may want to hold off until next year. Another idea that I thought of as well is for those you with friends getting married or getting hitched yourself this is a great way to preserve your bride/bridesmaid bouquet. As well beside a few photos this tutorial is mostly done by video which is new for me so let me know in the comments what you think.

What You’ll Need:monthly diy

  • Epoxy resin
  • Dried flowers
  • Bracelet mold
  • Plastic cups
  • Stir sticks (toothpick, popsicle stick…)
  • Sand paper (120, 600, 1200 grit)
  • Straw
  • Mask, gloves, newspaper and wax paper
  • Tweezers (optional)

Price and Supply Information:

I spent $100 for all my supplies. The upfront cost of this DIY is expensive so it’s more one you might want to do if you wanted to make multiple bracelets say for Christmas presents (like me). Although expensive in total the cost is a little more responsible stretched over several bangle bracelets. I made 9 bracelets with 1 container of 16oz of resin (smaller amounts available as well) so that works out to be roughly $10 per bracelets (depends on your mold size). If you wanted to make more keep in mind the major reoccurring cost is the resin which for $30 per 16oz will work out to $3 per bracelet after the initial setup cost. Half of my setup cost was due to the fact I bought a $50 clear silicone resin mold (from here) and the reason I did that is because although affordable the plastic $2-$10 molds you see at craft stores or online for bangles are usually thick, square and unwieldy. I couldn’t image walking around wearing a bracelet like that and I was able to find a perfect bangle mold that was exactly the style I like in bracelets as well as wide enough to fit good sized flowers and plants (Esty has a wide selection of molds for bracelets, click here to see). As well because it’s transparent is easy for beginners like me who want to be able to see where they are placing objects in the mold to get a good idea of what the finished look will be. However it’s up to you but there is a middle ground between the two. You can pay a little less buying a non-transparent mold or making your own – this is great if you have a favourite bracelet that you want to replicate the shape of for this project.


  1. Dry your flowers and plants a few weeks before you want to start making the bracelets. These tips, here are really great for learning the basics. I used the good old book technique on top for for a few weeks after failing miserably at the microwave drying technique.
    picking flowers (5)
    TIP: Dry everything you find and test yourself, having a large selection to choose from will only help and if you really want a particular plant or flower consider purchasing from the florist.
  2. Prep your area.
    monthly diy (2)
  3. The first steps to making a bracelet:
    [media url=””]
  4. Finishing the bracelet:
    [media url=””]
  5. Now that you’ve created your bracelet you just need to sand down the rough edges and remove excess resin. For sanding your bracelet, tutorial here and here are great!
    (I didn’t record myself sanding mine)


flower resin bracelets (14)dried flower resin bracelet (2) dried flower resin bracelet (1)flower resin bracelets (4)flower resin bracelets (16)flower resin bracelets (12)flower resin bracelets (10)flower resin bracelets (18)flower resin bracelets (8)flower resin bracelets (17)(this one is not completely buffered yet so there is rough edges)

I may be a little too engrossed with making resin bracelets now – they are so fun to play around with and tricky to perfect. Plus there is so much more you can do, although I do love the basic clear bracelet with flowers but you can add sparkles and glitter and even tint the resin as well. I thought a lot of the ones I made turned out great and with each bracelet I learned a little bit more. The key is really the flowers and plants so during the drying process make sure you have as much as possible and dry everything you can get your hands on because it’s really a learning process what will look good in the resin and stuff that easily breaks or chemically reacts and change colors in the resin (you can use Etsy sellers as inspiration if you want to know what works). This is really a project I’d like to revisit again in the Summer or Spring when I get my hands on more variety and more vibrant flowers but I enjoy how the bracelets reflect the fall season.  It’s my first time making resin jewelry so I did have two bracelets that ended up with small areas that never fully cured, and bubbles in others but overall as a beginner it was really fun to do. The only tough part is the sanding as it just takes a lot of time but once you get use to knowing how much resin your bracelet needs and don’t over pouring it’s make the sanding process less arduous (still not fun though). Let me know in the comments what you think or if you end up make the bracelets yourself! I’m really excited to gives these out as gifts this year for Christmas and will be selling others at a local craft fair here in Montreal on December 18th!


2 thoughts on “Monthly DIY: Dried Flower Resin Bracelets

  1. Can you make these without drying the natural materials? Items like moss or birch bark and pine needles, even some herbs like rosemary and ornamental grasses can become very brittle when dried; have you tried it without drying the items first?

    1. I have, it’s hit or miss. Some items will work but if there is too much moisture you will get bubbles and the bracelet may over time change.

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