Flea Market Finds

flee market finds (9)A few weekends ago Victor convinced me to go to St. Michel flea market on the hunt for all things vintage and wonderful so I thought I’d share with you some of my flee market finds. It was the first time we have ever went to this particular flee market and I think I’m in love. I didn’t bring my camera – thank god because I wouldn’t have taken photos as it’s wall to wall stuff. It’s hard to even move around in there as there are just so many different stalls and most of them are just filled to the brim with everything. So the photos are of all the bric-a-brac that I picked up (for some reason I thought I should just buy myself a ton of earlier Christmas presents). Most of it hasn’t found a permanent home yet…I think that’s the one big problem I have after I buy vintage stuff, where the F do I put this stuff? I should probably do a tour around my house at some point in time or show off some of my ‘collections’. I hesitate because it feels weird to have ‘collections’ of stuff just lying around my house.

flee market finds  0 (1)flee market finds  0 (6)flee market finds  0 (2)flee market finds  0 (3) My biggest draw when I go to swap meets, vintage fairs and flea markets is vintage photography and cameras. So I was so happy to find a stall that in and amongst other things had stacks and stacks of photography (although sadly not very well taken care off). At first I just looked through some of the stacks and picked out a few things I wanted as I didn’t know how much it’d cost and a lot of people ask ridiculous prices for vintage photography. Only to find out that he was selling the large and older photos for $2 and the smaller ones for 25cents, which is pretty cheap. So I may have stood in his stall flipping through a big box of photographs picking out all the ones I wanted for an hour. In the end I end up getting many of the smaller photographs for free and he promised me the next time I came he’d show me another large box he has, lol.

flee market finds  0 (4) flee market finds  0 (5)He even had a few tintypes that were pretty beat up but for only $2 I couldn’t say no. As well as these interesting patterned photographs that I’ve never seen before.

flee market finds (8)I found this My Little Pony thermos at this stall that has mostly Star Trek figurines in it and had to pick it up because it was in such good condition (no idea what I’ll do with it). As well because I bought a few things from the stall I picked these two Fraggle Rock toys for free! I’ve almost bought these from Etsy a few times so I was really excited to find them.
flee market finds (7)flee market finds (10)
We found a huge stall that was almost entirely salt and pepper shakers and I had to find a pair to take home. It was a tough choice but the dinosaurs just called to me. Next time I am at the flea market I’ll be sure to take a photo of the store because there were some awesome choices. There was also a stall dedicated to brooches (I mean 1000s of brooches) and I picked out the spider, coral seahorse and the stream punk butterfly 3 for $5. The key was just a freebie in from one of the stores Victor bought a Christmas present for me at. I want to make it into either a necklace or brooch.

flee market finds (5)Yes this makes me a complete nerd but the Star Trek figurine store had tribbles and I just had to buy the complete set. Now I’m not sure if these are official merchandise because they didn’t come in the package but I don’t really care as I love tribbles. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about it’s just some super nerdy reference to a Star Trek original series alien.

flee market finds (6) flee market finds (1)Again the Star Trek store….I wasn’t trying to clean them out but they were a high quality store and probably the easiest to navigate as it wasn’t just piles of stuff. While flipping through their comic section I found “I Feel Sick” by Jhonen Vasquez which I don’t have and thought I should considering I have most of his comics already (and his artwork tattooed on me). Since it was 3 for $5 I also picked up an original Alpha Flight and some random comic Victor wanted to read.

flee market finds (4)My 2nd biggest find of the day was these 4 real butterflies in glass. It had a price tag of $35 but I end up picking it up for $8. Just a little dirty and after taking this photo I was able to open up the case and cleaned it out so now I’m just looking for a place to hang it. I’d love to have a butterfly display on my living room wall however I refuse to buy any butterfly taxidermy unless its 2nd hand and I don’t run into them too often.

Well that’s my haul. I didn’t find any vintage cameras that I just had to have but there were so many stores. I don’t even feel like we explored the place fully and we went on both Saturday and Sunday that weekend – it was a lot to take in. I am sure we will be back once my bank account has recovered though so I may do another vintage haul sometime again in the new year. Let me know in the comments if you’ve pick up anything good lately from a flea market – loved to hear about your finds too.


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