Featured Artits: The Met Gallery Collection

PH8598Featured Artists: The Met Gallery Collection

What a great way to spend some of your Christmas vacation then checking out the Met Gallery Collection of photography ranging from the 1980s all the way to the 2000s. They have thousands of photograph negatives and prints available online to be viewed that has either featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself or in storage. I’ve featured some of the photographers below so you have an idea of what you’re getting into as the site is much like a library catalogue system (it’s not a photo gallery and with information about the pieces being more prominent than the artwork itself and frequently there is pieces without a photograph) but it’s worth the search trust me. There are a lot of gems in here if you are fascinated by photography like myself or just like looking back at earlier times in history. It’s available, here and if you want to check out the Met Gallery Collection in its entirety, here. Happy looking and let me know in the comments any gems you find!

Bruce Davidson, 1966

Walker Evans 1933

Eugène Atget 1923

Francis Bedford 1870

Helen Levitt 1939

Andrew Joseph Russell 1864

John Thomson 1869

Ansel Easton Adams 1964

Peter Henry Emerson 1885

Johan Hagemeyer 1928

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