A Year in DIYs

monthly diy (4)Have a look back at the last year of DIYs!  I started off the year with Polaroid Chalkboards and from there did various projects from vintage slide lamps to homemade chocolates and Easter egg ornaments. Click the link/photo if you want to see all the DIYs I’ve done and below there is a list of each individual project if you want to check out a specific one.

 Polaroid Chalkboards
Valentine’s Day Strawberry Cupcakes
Silk Dyed Easter Eggs
Tattoo Easter Egg Ornaments
Easy Mode Chocolates
Paper Crane Mobiles
Paper Switch Plates
Vintage Slide Lamp
Resin Sticker Table
Dried Flower Resin Bracelet
Vintage Slide Necklaces
Paper Crane Ornaments & Card Display


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