Pick of the Week: Naylemonstre

This week’s pick is local artist and illustrator Valérie (Naylemonstre) who sells originals, prints, pins and stickers of her work. I found out about her at the Cutest Craft Fair that I was a part of just before Christmas and had to pick up some of her incredible illustrations. For myself I picked up three stickers (I’m obsessed with these stickers, if I wasn’t trying to pare down my insane amount of stickers I probably would have walked away with one of each she had) and a doily illustration that is just darling. For Victor I also picked up a print for him to hang in his office as a Christmas present. He loves it just as much as I. I really hope to catch her at another art/craft fair to see more of her work. She also sells her stuff online for those of you non-Montrealers, either on Facebook or Society6. Below is a closer look at all the items I picked from her and a few of my favourite prints from her Society6. As always you can check out her website for information.

Naylemonstre (2) Naylemonstre (3)Naylemonstre (4) Naylemonstre (1)(the print hanging up on Victor’s wall – sorry about the glare)

a few favourites from her Society6:


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