Double Exposure: Vieux-Montreal

I love walking around Vieux-Port and staring at the St Lawrence River going by. I find it easy to get lost in the moment when I’m near water. The black and white double exposures I feel showcase that lost feeling. No snow in them because they were taken back in November before winter had taken full effect. I haven’t had much time to go down there lately because the docks are especially cold and Montreal can be quiet windy. Side note, over the next few months I want to show some of my older double exposures maybe even some from when I lived in Vancouver as I feel like my technique has really changed over the course of the last few years. Going forward this year I am really excited to continue to work on my multiple exposures and see where it’ll take me.multiple exposure (26) multiple exposure (9) multiple exposure (1)multiple exposure (40) multiple exposure (21)multiple exposure (39)


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