Zine of the Month: Jon Edwards

Over the last year I have discovered how great zines are for experiencing artist’s work in a new way and for finding out about new artists. I was behind the ball at discovery art zines but have tried to make up for it by amassed quite a lot just over the last year alone. What better way to share my newfound love of zines with you than highlight one every month that I think is worth picking up (and supporting the artist). For the first month I wanted to share with you Jon Edwards, a local Montreal photographer who does incredible work. He shoots with vintage Polaroid’s and like myself does a lot of multiple exposure photography. He has two zines, Helm Golm and Eli that feature his photography. I love the layout and rich color of his zines plus most importantly his photography is breathtaking. The only negative is each zines features a few of the same photograph on multiple pages so there is a bit of repetition. Both zines however are a great size at 5×7 and on quality paper. Probably my favourite two zines in my collection. There is a peak below of both zines and you can pick up both on Etsy!

Eli & Helm Golm by Jon Edwards


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